We are always looking for great distributors /co-partners globally.

Whether you are interested in becoming our distributor or making a single bulk order, don’t hesitate to contact us through sales@hybridpanels.com. We are looking forward to helping you find a solution.

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Join our growth as a distributor of Hybrid Panels International brand products.

Hybrid Panels International Manufacturers of High Quality 3D Wall Panels & Smart Glass is a pioneer in intelligent hardware. We manufacturer Wall Panel that are on the cutting-edge of 'Smart & Efficient' designs that lowers the project time & materials.

Since the company was founded in 2000, our designs have been featured in over 200 top medias (Business Insider, Houzz, Home Improvement TV,  Yahoo, CNET, Daily Mail and more). Demand is projected to increase in the coming years.


For corporate and bulk orders, we are glad to arrange discount and logistics support.


Tell us about your unique request. We are keen to support you with most satisfying solutions.

Why Hybrid Panels International?

Like we said earlier, we’re the best.

We will be here for you after the sale, as well. We offer training and installation help, in addition to all of the marketing efforts we produce. Our relationship with our distributors is vital to us, and we will do what is necessary to maintain a win-win scenario.

  • Hybrid Panels International will provide training for your employees free of charge at its facilities or at the Distributor’s facilities.

  • Hybrid Panels International will assist and support your employees in installing the products at the initial installation site for each of the first two (2) clients brought on board at no charge except reasonable out of pocket travel and lodging costs. After the initial installs, we will be available to provide support and consultation for additional installations if you request it.

  • Hybrid Panels International will provide telephone consultation at no charge to your engineering personnel and telephone consultation field support at no charge to your site personnel.

We are looking for companies who can offer:

 - Influence over local market
 - Creative promotion strategies
- Established distribution channels
 - Should have strong ability to market local region, with physical business premises and sufficient funds.
 - Should have a good management system to keep a sustained development.
 - Should have the ability to finish annual business sales volume, and actively cooperate with our strategic plans and business requirements.

Hybrid Panels International Dependability:

You can depend on Hybrid Panels for:

  • QUALITY - customer service from our courteous, professional, and highly experienced employees!

  • ON TIME - deliveries from our own dependable installation crew!

  • QUANTITY - Your item will be in stock at one of our 3 warehouses, or we’ll get it quickly!

  • COMPETITIVE PRICING - We pass on our savings to you, our customer!

  • COMMITMENT - We’re committed to our customers and have been for 19 years! 

As a Hybrid Panels International business partner, you can look forward to the following benefits:

- Sustained innovative products
- Certified quality
- Professional business support
- Distributor pricing

Please let us know if there is anything additional that you would like to discuss.

Our team is always seeking new talent! 
Thanks very much for your interest in our solutions. Hopefully, we will be working together soon. Fill out the form to begin the process of becoming a Distributor for the industry leader in Manufacturers of High Quality 3D Wall Panels & Smart Glass